Virtual Consultation

Over the years, we've built a wealth of experience assisting thousands of parents with their vehicles, and car seats. We're confident that we've encountered your specific car seat and vehicle model before.

We offer a variety of virtual support services, including:

  • $15- Installation Inspection - INSPECTION ONLY, NO ASSISTANCE ON FIXING
  • $15 Car seat recommendations
  • $15 Expert car seat advice
  • $75- Step by Step Installation Guidance
  • $30- Harness Strap Adjustments
  • $15- Check the fit of a car seat for a child
  • $30- 3 Across Installation Consultation
  • From $30+ Comprehensive troubleshooting help - Inquire first

And, safety and satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not completely happy with the work you performed during or after your virtual appointment, we'll give you a $10 credit towards a future in-person appointment.

What you’ll need for this appointment.

1. Phone with good reception. (Underground parking is a no-go)

2. Both your hands. (please have 2 people, one to hold the phone and one to work with the car seat)

3.Well lit area. (Generally outdoor during daylight hours is sufficient)

4. For Rear facing installations only. You will also need 1 pool noodles and/or 2 regular sized bath towels, roll of tape and a box cutter or knife to cut the pool noodle. You should also park your car on fairly level ground. Avoid parking on hills and slopes.

How much time will I need?

20 minutes is generally sufficient for most non full installation appointments.
If you feel you will need or want more time, please click the add time option when booking.

Please be detailed when filling out your booking form. In cases when we know more time is nessesary, we will contact you prior to your appointment.

Virtual Vs. In-person Appointment

Hey there! Sometimes, all you need is an experienced pair of eyes and ears to fix small but crucial car seat problems. That's where a virtual appointment comes in handy – it's quick, efficient, and can help you resolve your issue.

However, for a full car seat installation, we highly recommend scheduling an in-person appointment. This is particularly important if you've never installed a car seat before. We understand that some clients may live far away, are time-crunched, or traveling abroad, so virtual assistance is still available for these situations. But, if you can make it to an in-person appointment, you'll have a more enjoyable and educational experience


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