Our Journey Began…

Years ago... Mohammad faced the challenge of installing a car seat for his nephew into his car for a camping trip. Thinking a few tugs and clicks while following instructions would do the trick, the job was left to the last minute and the car seat was nowhere near snug! After multiple attempts, Mohammad resorted to online research, which only left him more concerned and bewildered about his predicament that the majority of car seat installations are not done correctly.

There was too much to risk if a car seat was not installed properly, yet there were very few resources to ensure that the job was done right. His family members failed to ensure the proper installation of their car seats, so Mohammad was left with no choice but to drive around for hours to multiple police and fire stations until he found someone to assist him.

Realizing that this was an unacceptable situation to ever be in again, Mohammad became a certified Car Seat Installation Technician through St John Ambulance and founded Baby Car Seat Installers. Shortly after an organization called Child Passenger Safety Association began, and now he is also CPSAC certified, and a proud member of child passenger safety.

Since then, he has taken it upon himself and his small team to share his knowledge and expertise and services so that families are satisfied and confident that their child is safe and secure in their car seat.

Why Choose Us!

We offer expert guidance!

After working with thousands of parents, every car seat model, and nearly every vehicle, we are happy that we know car seats very well but we’re even happier to share our knowledge. Talk to us, we’ll listen and help you find your safest solution.

Learn Car Seats With Us!

Merely installing a car seat correctly is half the battle, proper usage is just as important. That's why we offer personalized hands-on instructions to make sure you know how to properly adjust and secure your child in their car seat.

Safest Car Seat Installation!

We’re certified, insured, and experienced. Since 2010 We’ve installed over 25000 car seats. Our appointments are set up so that we install your seat and provide ample time to answer your questions.

Time Saving Convenience!

Visit us at our indoor drive-in facility or take advantage of our mobile service. We can meet you at home, work, or at the hospital. For added convenience we offer appointments in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Mohammad Bhorat

Baby Car Seat Installers

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