Car Seat Installations at Our Indoor Facility


We'd love to have you come and visit us! Our heated indoor drive-in facility is the perfect place to learn all about your car seat and have it correctly installed to meet your vehicle, car seat, and government regulations.

Our expert technicians will guide you step-by-step as they install your car seat, and they'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you to participate and understand your child car seat.

Not only will we make sure your car seat is installed properly, but we'll also teach you how to properly strap in your child and show you how to adjust the car seat as they grow.

For just $69, we'll install your first car seat with precision and care. If you have additional car seats that need to be installed at the same time, they're only $50 each.

Conveniently located just minutes from Hwy 404, Hwy 407, and Hwy 401 in Markham, book your appointment today and give your little one the safest ride possible.

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Do You Offer Inspections

This service is for both full installations and inspections. As well as learning how to use your car seat correctly.

In the past we offered inspections, but over 90% of the seats we inpected needed attention. So we dicided it was best to only keep one service.

That being said; An only inspection serivce can be done through by booking a virtual consultation service.

Does my child need to be at the appoinment?

Short Answer is NO. For your appointment, if the child is not present please have a few pictures of the child in their car seat available. These pictures need to show us where the child's shoulder is when they are in their car seat, and where the crotch buckle falls onto the child when they are seated and buckled. This will allow us to adjust the car seat harness for your child. Your car seat adjustments may be required before installation if it is going forward-facing. If you do not have access to the child or the car seat to take pictures, please have the child's weight and height and the child's seated shoulder height. The seated shoulder height is measured from bum to shoulder when the child is seated in a position to replicate how they would be seated in the vehicle.

What if My Child Seat is not Compatible with my Car?

Once you fill out your booking request, we will know your vehicle and Car Seat. Based on our extensive experience we are generally able to spot out most potential complications, if we see one we will reach out to you before confirming your booking.

Do You Provide Us with Proof of Installation?

Yes we provide documentation that we have installed your car seat. This will be emailed to you within minites after your installation. It would include the details of your car seat, vehicle and installation method and information.


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